Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips for Getting Parents Involved

  • Encourage parents to read with their children each night
  • Request/require parent signatures on homework assignments
  • Send home a fun parent/child assignment for them to do together
  • Offer ideas for ways parents can reinforce concepts or skills at home or while doing daily tasks
  • Ask for help in specific areas and at specific times such as reading with one child, stuffing Thursday folders, or putting up a bulletin board
  • When you need help, send home a notice, email, or announcement in your newsletter
  • Call parents when you have a specific need
  • Use your parent volunteers
  • Ask parents to send a list of their hobbies and talents. You may find a great guest speaker or demonstrator for a unit (ex: making tortillas during a unit on early Texas Mission life)
  • When parents volunteer, send regular thank you notes
  • When making the first phone call home, list activities, events, and tasks you need help to complete. Ask the parent if he/she could help with any one of the tasks listed. Make sure to write it down and note the phone number for follow-up.
  • Send home a pledge for parents to complete and sign committing to at least one activity, event, etc. to do with the school or class during the year.

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